The Gear

The Gear

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I have been fishing for a long time and have amassed a large collection of fishing equipment for any type of fishing. I have over thirty (30) top notch rod/ reel set ups that can be used on any fishing charter. I also have no less than ten (10) different size, type, and weight cast nets available to me. Depending on the time of year, size and location of the bait I will have a couple different cast nets on the boat in order to give us the best chance to get the bait we need for your fishing charter.   


Cast Nets

Humpback Cast Net

The Humpback Cast Net is a new line of premium, professional-grade bait nets from Lee Fisher International.  They have over 30 years of net-building experience.  This expertise coupled with our drive for improvement and innovation sets them apart as a world leader in the art of cast net making.  The Humpback Cast Net displays all of this.

·         Mesh Sizes: 1/4"sq, 3/8"sq, 1/2"sq

·         Weight Ratio: 1.6lbs per foot

·         Double braided nylon lead line tied at every mesh

·         Double selvage mesh at horn and lead line

·         Sectioned horn to reduce braille tangling

·         6 Panel design with extra soft high end mono filament

·         30 feet of hollow braid hand line rope

Bait Buster Series Cast Net

Every Bait Buster by Lee Fisher cast net features extra sink rate thanks to the 1.5 lbs of lead per radius foot used. This allows less bait fish to escape, maximizing the catch. Each lead piece is secured to lead line with nylon twine and reinforced through crimping eliminating sliding and thus allowing the net to spread properly. 

·         Hand crafted workmanship

·         1.50 LB of lead per radius foot, fast sinker

·         Each lead is crimped to lead line, preventing movement and prolonging life of net 

·         6 panel design

·         100 lb test brail line

·         25 ft. handline

I also have “custom” cast nets that I have built for specialty bait and for deeper waters. These nets are made by a local net maker who is skilled and makes some of the best nets around.  


Fishing Rods

I have a vast collection of rods, but my go to rods manufacture is Crowder Rods out of Stuart, FL. These rods are bullet proof and I have found to be the best built rods. Crowder Rods can handle the abuse of the harsh conditions we sometime fish in.


While on an inshore fishing trip will most likely be using Crowder Rods E-Series Light Model ESS808. This rod has a line weight of 8-17 lbs, is 8ft long, and is a medium action tip. I prefer using an 8 ft rod because it allows me to get a longer cast.


While Tarpon fishing or near shore fishing we will most likely be using Crowder Rods E-Series Light Model ESS815. This rod has a line weight of 15-30 lbs, is 8ft long, and is a medium action tip. I prefer using an 8 ft rod because it allows me to get a longer cast.


Fishing Reels

I have a large collection of reels with the large majority of these being spinning reels. I am currently use two (2) different manufactures, Penn and FinNor, both have proven to withstand the rigors of the day-in and day-out fishing that we put on them. Inshore I am using the FinNor Lethal 40 and the Penn Battle 3000’s. For Tarpon and near shore I am using Penn Battle 6000’s.


FinNor Lethal

The all aluminum body is packed with features from a braid ready spool to a high lockdown carbon fiber drag. With a size for every application, Lethal™ offers everything you need in a durable saltwater reel.

• Aluminum body and side plate
• Lightweight aluminum rotor (graphite rotor on LT40)
• Multi-stack MegaDrag™ with carbon fiber washers
• Forged and machined aluminum spool and drag knob
• MegaLock™ anti-reverse
• MegaShield™ multi-layer corrosion protection
• 6 Double-shielded stainless steel bearings



The PENN Battle II offers attractive cosmetics, durable design, and silky smooth HT-100 drag as just a few of the many reasons why so many anglers fish this reel. The Full Metal Body construction allows it to maintain precision gear.

·         HT-100™ carbon fiber drag washers

·         5 sealed stainless steel ball bearings

·         Instant Anti- Reverse bearing

·         Heavy-duty aluminum bail wire

·         Superline Spool

·         Line Capacity Rings 


Fishing Line

I use different type and weight line for the type of fishing we are doing. On most of my inshore reels I use 10 lb Berkley Fireline Crystal which is a super strong fused line that allows for a long casting distance. On my Tarpon/ Near Shore reels I use in-between 45-65 lb PowerPro which is a braided line that is extremely durable for those big Tarpon.


In addition to fused/ braided line we have a leader tied to all the rod/reel setups that you will be using. Inshore I use a 20-30 lb fluorocarbon leader and for Tarpon/ Near Shore I use a 40-80 lb fluorocarbon leader.  


Terminal Tackle

I use so many hooks a year that I buy them by the box of 1000. I primarily use Eagle Claw circle hooks ranging from 2/0 - 6/0. The hook size is dependent on the size of the bait that we are using and the size of the fish we are targeting.