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Your opinion matters, not only to me as the Captain but to other people who are looking to book a fishing charter on Anna Maria Island with a reputable and experienced fishing guide. Please take the time to rate me on the following websites

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Loyal Customer Discount:

Review Capt. Kyle on one of the following websites and receive $50.00 off your next fishing charter with Anna Maria Inshore Fishing LLC.                                                          

Loyal Customer Discount Policy  

  • You must notify Capt. Kyle when you book your trip that you would like to apply the "Loyal Customer Discount".  
  • Your review that was submitted to Google or TripAdvisor must be printed out (showing the review, the review date, and the reviewer's first and last name on the review) and given to Capt. Kyle the day of your charter in order to receive your discount.
  • In order to receive the loyal customer discount your review that was submitted to Google or TripAdvisor can not be older than 12 months from the day of the charter booking you would apply it too.
  • All reviews that are submitted for the loyal customer discount must have the first and last name of the reviewer and the reviewer must be present on the charter to receive the loyal customer discount.
  • The maximum discount applied towards the fishing charter will be $50.00.
  • Discounts applied through the loyal customer discount are limited to one credit per charter only and can NOT be used in conjunction with any other coupon or discount currently available.